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Error Codes & Solutions - Wide Control Panel

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Error Number Meaning Solution
EC08 Pll bar Need to confirm design on screen
ED09 Back to the beginning, then pull backward bar again The operating error.
EC11 No such design in memory Select another design.
EC12 Main shaft not stopped in position See instructions below
EC13 Frame over border Frame out of sewing field – Turn off and manually move with hands to center.
EC14 Part of memory lost  
EC16 Sep motor
  1. Check mechanical transmission.
  2. Check X Y motor.
  3. Check X Y driver.
EC17 Color changing overtime
  1. Check the color motor. Check motor driver board PC501/PC502.
  2. Check the sensor.
EC18 Color changing half rotation abnormal Adjust by turning the handwheel by hand.
EC19 Need position abnormal See instructions below
EC20 Main motor overtime See instructions below
EC21 Color changing out "Needles" parameter setting must equal to the machine's actual needles. 9 or 12 or 15.
EC26 Trimming not in position Check whether the detection sensor is damaged.
EC41 Files not in disk
  1. Try again.
  2. Restart machine and then try again.
  3. Execute "Clear All Designs".
EC42 Disk dir full Delete some designs to free memory.
EC43 Disk space full Delete some designs to free memory.
EC44 File distribution list error Execute "Clear All Designs".
EC45 Dir error Execute "Clear All Designs".
EC208   The same method as EC20.

EC12: Main Shaft Not in Stop Position

(Red slash over the 100 icon on top left on Control Panel)

  1. Clear the error (Press the red X on the pop-up menu)
    Error Image
  2. Press the 100 Button on the Control Panel (this will recycle the machine back to 100). If no, push in the black manual knob on the right of the machine and turn counter clockwise until you reach 100. (Look in Sightglass to see the degree wheel.)
    Error Image

EC19: Needle Position Abnormal

(The needle icon at the top of the control panel will show 0)

  1. Clear the Error - Press the Red X
    Error Image
  2. Behind the head on the right side of the machine - silver knob. Turn the knob extremely slow left or right until the 0 changes to a number. (If you turn the knob too fast it will not register a needle number.)
    Error Image
  3. It does not matter the needle number it shows because once you push start it will go to the needle you programmed for your color change.
    Error Image

EC20: Main Motor Overtime

(Red slash over the 100 icon on top left on Control Panel)

Clear the Error (Press the Red X on the pop-up Menu

  1. Manually turn the black knob (Push in and turn Counterclockwise until you reach 100 - Look through the Sightglass to see what degree you are on - the red slash over the 100 icon on the top left of the control panel will go away)
  2. Turn the machine off
    Error Image
  3. Turn the machine back on and push the 100 button on the lower portion of the control panel.
    Error Image
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