Flushing Your Summit AT

The Summit AT should be flushed if the printer will not be printing anything for more than 3 days. This prevents ink from clogging the machine.

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equipment to flush Summit AT DTG printer

For this maintenance you will need:

  1. Image Armor flushing solution*
  2. The included set of cleaning cartridges
  3. Syringe with tubular fill tip
  4. Spare maintenance cartridge

*Items available at mesasupplies.com

  1. First, remove the rubber stoppers from the cleaning cartridges.
  2. Fill syringe with flushing solution.
  3. Use syringe to fill the cartridges.
  4. Recap the cleaning cartridges.
  5. Turn the printer on.
  6. Tap the ink icon.
  7. Tap Open Ink Cover icon.
  8. Insert all cleaning cartridges and close lid.
  9. Tap Proceed. Then Proceed. Then Yes.
  10. Press Cartridge Release button. When it displays cartridge cover open message on screen, remove the Maintenance Cartridge.
  11. Press Cartridge Release button again. When it displays the Insert Maintenance Cartridge message, insert the new maintenance cartridge.
  12. Attach syringe to waste line and gently pull one full syringe worth of ink.
  13. Detach syringe from waste ink line and place the line back in the waste container.
  14. Tap the Settings icon.
  15. Tap Maintenance.
  16. Tap Heavy Head Cleaning.
  17. Confirm Head Cleaning.
  18. Once Heavy Head Cleaning is completed, repeat process until only clear liquid is coming through waste ink line.