End of Day Maintenance

To be performed at the end of EVERY day's use

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For this maintenance you will need the following:

  1. Foam maintenance swabs*
  2. Blue shop towels
  3. Oiling pen*
  4. Syringe with tube*
  5. Image Armor cleaning solution*

*Items available at mesasupplies.com

  1. Tap Setup icon.
  2. Tap Maintenance.
  3. Tap Print Head Cleaning.
  4. Tap Head Cleaning.
  5. The Cleaning Screen will be displayed.
  6. Wait for the print head to move completely off the capping station.
  7. Turn power off by flipping the red switch on the back of the printer.
  8. Pour a capful of the Image Armor Cleaning Solution.
  9. Draw the solution into the syringe.
  10. Squirt cleaning solution into capping station.
  11. Clean with swab. Repeat until excess ink is removed. Using the same process, clean wiper blade.
  12. Using supplied oiling pen, oil the carriage rail.
  13. Using a damp shop towel and only wiping right to left, clean both sides of the encoder strip end to end.
  14. Re-dock the print head over the capping station.
  15. Turn the power on by flipping the red switch on the back of the printer, but do not power on the control panel.