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Troubleshooting: Paper Jam or Reload Paper Error Messages


Frequent Paper Jam or Reload Paper Error Messages. Printer will take the platen back and display a Reload Paper error, or will begin to print then stop and display a Paper Jam error.


Note: You may need to complete all three steps to resolve frequent Paper Jam or Reload Paper error messages.

  1. Disable Epson Status Monitor / Bidirectional Communication Tool. This is a logging and communication tool used for Epson error reporting - it is not needed for printing with your Summit printer. To disable:
    • Open the Windows Run by holding the Win key while pressing R (Win + r) then type services.msc and hit enter


      if Cortana is enabled, say "Hey Cortana... Open Services"
    • In the Services list, find Epson Status Monitor or Bidirectional Communication Tool and double-click it
    • In the Service Properties window that opens, change the Startup Type to Manual or Disabled, then click OK
    • Restart the computer
  2. Update the AT Driver Package in Navigator.
    • Open Navigator RIP, open the Devices menu, then select Manage Devices
    • In the Devices window that opens, click the “Check for Updates” icon (it looks like a globe)
    • If updates are found, click the “Install Updates” icon (located to the right of the Check for Updates icon)
  3. Confirm that the printer is not sharing an electrical circuit with a high-load device (such as a heat press) and that there are not problems with the circuit which may cause incorrect voltage. Low voltage can cause any number of errors with your printer, or even damage the printer (or any equipment that has circuit boards.) If you are unsure about the quality of the circuit, and the first two steps did not resolve the problem, try moving the printer to a different circuit (again, with no high-load devices) to see if the problem is resolved.

    Note: While our support department may be able to determine, by process of elimination, that the problem is likely caused by an issue in the electrical circuit, we are not qualified to offer any assistance with your electrical circuit, other than connecting the printer to a circuit that is not overloaded. If you strongly suspect the problem is in the building's electrical wiring, please consult a qualified electrician.
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