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System Requirements for Navigator RIP Software

Navigator RIP software is highly recommended to achieve the best results with your Summit DTG Printer, and is required to print with white ink or to utilize some of the advanced features of the printer.

Please note that the minimum requirements will not be sufficient for processing large file sizes (over 50mb).

Minimum System Requirements

CPU Dual core, 2 GHz or faster
Hard Drive 100 Gb free space
RAM 8 Gb or more
Operating System Windows 7 and up (not compatible with MAC)
Graphics 1 Gb or more of dedicated graphics memory

Recommended System Requirements

CPU Quad core, 3 GHz or faster
Hard Drive SSD or 7200 RPM HDD, with 200 Gb free space (Note: while SSD is becoming more common, many laptops and some desktops still have 5400 RPM HDD drives.)
RAM 12 Gb or more
Operating System Windows 7 and up (not compatible with MAC)
Graphics Dedicated (separate, not included on the motherboard) graphics card with at least 2 Gb graphics memory

IMPORTANT: MESA cannot provide support for printing problems when the computer does not meet the minimum specifications for small files, or the recommended specifications for printing problems with large files.

Any type of graphic processing requires significant computer resources. Better computer specs, especially RAM and graphics memory, will always deliver better results. Insufficient resources can cause slow printing, program errors, printing errors, or computer lock-ups/crashes.

If you are having problems printing, and your computer meets the specifications, check to see if there are any programs running which may be using up system resources such as CPU and RAM.

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