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Setting the Hook Timing

Setting the Hook Timing

Topics covered:

  • Tools you will need:
    - Medium sized flathead screwdriver
    - Small phillips screwdriver
    - Small flathead screwdriver
    - Bent flathead screwdriver (also called offset or right angle screwdriver)
  • Remove throat plate, rotary hook guard, and bobbin case
  • Check the rotary hook to confirm the issue isn't a scratch or rough spot
  • Check the hook timing
  • Set the hook timing - the timing should be set at approximately 200 degrees, which you can check through the glass-covered gauge on the side of the machine

IMPORTANT: Watch the entire video and be sure you fully understand all steps and are comfortable with the instructions before proceeding. If you are unsure, please call MESA support at 800-330-3867 Option 2

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