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Printing Inline Black Shirts

  1. First make sure you are on the correct Queue and Sub-Queue.
    Step One
  2. Select the Decoration Tray 4 Up Platen.
    Step Two
  3. Now click the Add File Icon.
    Step Three
  4. Now select the file you want and click Open.
    Step Four
  5. Make sure to select the Template that matches the Platen you selected. Then click Select and Import.
    Step Five
  6. Now click on the image thumbnail. This will put a binding box around the image. Then click and drag one of the corner yellow nodes. This will allow you to size and position the image.
    Step Six
  7. Right click on the name of the job and then click on Properties.
    Step Seven
  8. Now click Print Mode Overrides. Then Layer Profile. Next, at the bottom, Show Processing Options. The Resolution should be set to 1440x720. Maximum White Ink % to 85. Colorboost 15. Click OK.
    Step Eight
  9. Last, right click the file name and click Print.
    Step Nine
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