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Summit XT Maintenance

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  1. With your machine in a ready state, press and hold the > button until the screen says CLEANING. This will put your machine into a cleaning mode. The print head will begin to move slightly right and left as it cleans and primes the print head.
  2. Move around to the left-hand side of the machine so that you can reach the power switch on the back of the machine.
  3. When you see the print head move over the sneeze tank (it will move over about two inches) turn the power off using the red power switch on the back.
  4. Now move back to the right side of the machine and move the print head over to the middle of the print area. This will expose the capping station and sneeze tank.
  5. Clean the sponge area of the capping station with Image Armor cleaning solution and a foam swab or blue lint free shop towel. Do this by first pouring a little bit on the sponge pad and letting it sit until you see it drawing the ink up from the pad. Blot this out with the swab or towel. Repeat the process until the sponge pad is as close to white as you can get it.
  6. Now you will need to clean the wiper blade. This should be sticking out between the capping station and sneeze tank. Frist peel any hard-dried ink off of using a spring hook or even your fingers. The wiper is made of fairly strong rubber so should not be damaged by this. Once you have cleaned the dried ink of then clean the blade using Image Armor cleaning solution and a swab or towel.
  7. Next you will clean the sneeze tank. Dump about a half a cap full of the cleaning solution. This should loosen most of the dried ink. Then wipe the residue out with a paper towel.
  8. Now we will clean the blotter walls of the print carriage. The bottom of the Print head carriage is shaped like this \____/. We want to clean the side walls. This one \ and this one /, using the cleaning solution and a swab or towel to clean all the excess ink from these.
  9. Last, using the oiling pen. Oil both rails that the print head carriage runs on. Just put a couple of drops on each and move the print head carriage back and forth until spread evenly.
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